Hey Now, We’re An “All Star”!

Titan Growth was recently recognized as a Google “All-Star” Partner  – one of a handful in the USA!

This year’s Google All-Star Summit was a great chance for Google All-Star Partners across the world to come together, meet with some of the industry’s top names and learn about up-and-coming AdWords products. The summit was an intimate conference since there are only a handful of Google All-Star Partners worldwide among over 17,000 certified companies. Our team was able to meet some great people, learn about new Google features that are currently in beta testing, and of course, see the Googleplex!

While few, the Google All-Star Partners represent an elite group of top-performing Google Partners. The Google Partners Program itself is designed to cultivate proper strategies across the globe by partnering with agencies who deliver top-notch advertising services. In order qualify as a Google Partner, an agency must manage and maintain strong performance, have passed Advanced Google exams and employ best practices. Once a partner, agencies have access to special events, training, industry research and a first look at the new Google feature, so they can continue to provide their clients with great services.

At Titan Growth, we have been offering SEO and PPC services for over a decade, and we have helped many businesses increase their online market share, traffic, and revenue. An effective online marketing strategy can be very powerful, and we love watching our clients grow. We are thrilled to be named a Google All-Star Partner this year, and will continue to deliver services that represent that title for years to come!