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A Digital Marketing Carol: 12 Ways to Grow Your Business


Happy Holidays from Titan Growth!

Good tidings we bring to you and your marketing team. We hope you, your loved ones, and business operations have a safe and happy holiday season. And get presents. Lots and lots of presents. If ever there was a year for presents, this is it.

Though it’s safe to say all we really want for Christmas this year is to be able to sneeze in public without terrifying others. But some high-ranking websites and high-converting ad campaigns would be nice, too.

To make present buying a little easier, we previously shared the 7 perfect holiday gifts to give the digital marketer in your life. (Or yourself. We won’t judge.) We also sought to spread some good cheer with 12 merry memes only online marketing gurus will get. Because laughter is the best present.

This year we wanted to gift you something just as useful and festive — a list inspired by the holiday’s most annoying Christmas carol.

Ah yes, the 12 Days of Christmas. That timeless song where an over privileged chap brags about getting 364 gifts over 12 days from their “true love.”

Hey singer, news flash! Nobody gives someone they love six pregnant geese.



In case you were wondering, that haul tallies up to roughly $131,676.68.

Well, it’s time that song gets a more budget-friendly upgrade. So, in the spirit of joy, giving, high ROIs, and spreading the only thing that should ever be spread this time of year — holiday cheer — we present The 12 Days of Good Business.

Hit it Titan carolers!

On the first day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

A Blog Post on Page Load Speed

We wanted to start by giving you something that’s just as good as money. A blog post. We know. It’s too generous. But you know what’s even more generous? Giving your site visitors the gift of fast loading webpages.

On the second day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

2 Data Sets

If there’s one thing people love getting on Christmas, it’s data. So you’re welcome. Though this is a gift you can give yourself for free any day of the week. Just run a PageSpeed Insights report for your site.

Remember, the key to gifting yourself performance data is making sure you look at the most accurate and useful data possible. Specifically:


  1. Your site’s actual performance data
  2. Your site’s perceived performance data


Be sure to decipher your PageSpeed Insights reports the right way by accounting for both of these data sets.

On the third day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

3 Core Web Vitals

To come clean, we aren’t actually giving you these, Google is. As in they are instituting the following three metrics as one of their newest SEO ranking factors.


  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  2. First Input Delay (FID)
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


It’s the gift no businesses asked for but is getting anyway. So make sure you know how to track your site’s core web vitals and optimize accordingly.

On the fourth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

4 Email Fails and Fixes

Email is like the Santa Claus of business communication. In a single night (or campaign) they can reach every contact on their list and, when their deliveries are opened, bring joy to each recipient. But sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. In Santa’s case, it’s likely because Rudolph is acting like a diva again and holding up the sleigh. In your email campaign’s case it’s likely due to:


  1. Improperly configured domain (Fix: Authenticate your emails)
  2. Unwanted messaging (Fix: Write engaging emails)
  3. Targeting the wrong audience (Fix: Define your ICP)
  4. Overdoing outreach (Fix: Choose quality over quantity)


If your business can fix those four email outreach fails you’re sure to have a merry campaign.

On the fifth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

5 Golden Leads

What’s a golden lead? It’s a lead worth its weight in gold. For caroling purposes we’re sending you five leads, but in reality you’re going to want a lot more than that. All of whom are gold.

To get them, try these five golden lead-driving strategies:


  1. Redefine your leads for each and every channel
  2. Design landing pages around a single theme and goal
  3. Perform SEO targeting leads, not traffic
  4. Go granular with paid ads
  5. Try offline marketing tactics


On the sixth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

6 Page Tips for Landing

Ask yourself, what would happen if Santa was awful at landing his sleigh?

A lot of unhappy boys and girls, for one. Probably a lot of broken reindeer legs, for another.



Santa can’t afford a bad landing. Ever. And neither can your business. That’s why it is so important to follow these landing page best practices:


  1. Keep your landing pages simple
  2. Keep your messaging succinct
  3. Include a singularly, engaging USP, CTA and hero image
  4. Say it all above-the-fold
  5. Unify your landing pages and your ad campaigns
  6. Design pages for mobile first, desktop second


On the seventh day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

7 Audiences for Excluding

Let’s be honest. Every family has at least one member they’d love to exclude from coming over for Christmas.


Businesses are no different. So be sure to exclude these 7 audiences from your PPC campaigns:


  1. Current Customers (or Everyone Else)
  2. Current Employees
  3. Job Seekers
  4. App Audiences
  5. Non-Engaged Visitors
  6. Overlapping Audiences
  7. Convertors


On the eighth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

8 Faces Caging

If you’re an avid reader you probably know we’re big fans of things with Nicolas Cage’s face on them. We enjoyed resting our heads on a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow case after boosting eCommerce marketing with Amazon Advertising. We figured out the perfect ACoS for a Nicolas Cage prayer candle. And we hooked ourselves up with an entire Cage-faced wardrobe thanks to Amazon DSP.

We’re also big fans of gifting things with Nicolas Cage’s face on them. So here you go.


Deeply disturbing? Yes, absolutely. But isn’t sharing things with Nicolas Cage’s face on them what the holidays are all about? Probably, somewhere. So enjoy.


We count only seven faces-a-Caging above.


 On the ninth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

9 Optimized Amazon Listings

We’re pretty sure Amazon has put Santa’s workshop out of business. And maybe even Santa himself. So if you want to ensure all those good little boys and girls out there find your sweet-ass products, be sure to optimize your Amazon listings to the nines.

That means optimizing your:


  1. Product Titles
  2. Product Images
  3. Product Video
  4. Product Features and Description
  5. A+ Content
  6. Product Keyword Targeting
  7. Product Pricing
  8. Product Availability
  9. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)


On the tenth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

10 Rich Snippets Indexing

Let’s face it. Getting rich is the sweetest gift we could receive on Christmas.

Fortunately, there are a sleigh-full of rich snippet opportunities available to help your webpages attract traffic.


  1. Reviews
  2. Ratings
  3. Product Info
  4. FAQ
  5. Event Info
  6. App Info
  7. Course Info
  8. Bread Crumbs
  9. How-Tos
  10. Course Info


Trust us, they are just as good as cash.

Decorate your SEO with these rich snippets (by adding the appropriate structured data to your site), and it’ll be like celebrating Christmas every day.

 On the eleventh day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

11 Guides for Marketing

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait for Christmas day to come, counting down the weeks, days and hours to when it would arrive. And when it finally did, you sprang from your bed, rushing to see if under the tree Santa had left you any how-to guides. Us too.

Well, why should kids have all the fun?


Here are 11 guides to help grow your digital marketing;


  1. Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency
  2. Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score
  3. Conducting Effective Email Outreach
  4. 5 Things Keeping Companies from Successful SEO
  5. How Google Evaluates Webpages
  6. 4 Red Flags When Looking at Digital Marketing Agencies
  7. 5 Things Keeping You from Successful Paid Media Campaigns
  8. How to Leverage AI in Your Digital Marketing
  9. Define Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
  10. Paid Search Opportunity Analysis: Increase Leads and Revenue
  11. SEO Opportunity Analysis: Increase Rank and Revenue


On the twelfth day of business, Titan Growth gave your marketing team:

12 Conversion Rates Optimizing

Few brands pay much attention to conversion rate optimization (CRO). They may do so tangentially, while working on other aspects of their business, but they don’t often specifically focus on it. At least not in the same way they prioritize ranking factors for SEO. But CRO is just as important. In fact, it might be the most important thing you can do for your business.

Here’s a 12-step plan for conversion rate optimization:


  1. Make data-driven decisions
  2. A/B Test strategically
  3. Eliminate bottlenecks
  4. Prioritize macro conversions
  5. Tell a story (and keep it simple)
  6. Redefine your CTA strategy
  7. Play the long game
  8. Amp up urgency
  9. Improve Site Speed
  10. Leverage Remarketing
  11. Be Personable (and Trustworthy)
  12. Test CRO (and then test again)


Because what could be more joyous than converting customers this holiday season.

Merry Digital Marketing!

May all your future campaigns be optimized right.