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Better Results with a Data-Driven SEO Strategy

When it comes to search, there are a lot of factors that are outside of your control. But when it comes to your SEO strategy, you can eliminate some of the guesswork.


Our Titan SEO® Approach:
Technology + Data + Analysis = Results

Great SEO results are not random. They are derived from a data-driven strategy, backed by meticulous testing. We use our proprietary, patented TitanBOT® technology to discover invaluable insights about your site that help our team create customizations for better results.

  • More (qualified) leads
  • Increased user engagement
  • Higher brand awareness and organic exposure
  • Lower likelihood of negative algorithm impacts
  • New keywords rankings on the 1st page
  • Higher revenue and profits

What does that look like?

It starts with technology, keyword research, and a deep competitive analysis. Our advanced SEO management team takes a look at your site’s current performance and identifies any changes that can help you more effectively communicate with search engines. We track a host of metrics and analyze thousands of data points, adjusting along the way. Finally, we test, implement changes, and then test some more. Over time, we expect to see: