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Google & Bing PPC

Supercharge Growth with Results-Focused PPC Campaigns

With strong, data-based Google and Bing pay-per-click ad campaigns, our goal is for our clients to see significant results: increased conversions, decreased cost per acquisition, and more profit, to name a few.


SEO & PPC: A Powerful Synergy

PPC and SEO are both brilliant strategies on their own. But when it comes to driving qualified traffic, getting more leads, and closing more sales, using them together takes you to an entirely new level. A solid Google and Bing PPC strategy helps you target ideal audiences, and the insights we get from PPC campaigns can be applied to your SEO strategy. Amplify your results with this SEO and PPC synergy.


Better Results When You Do Both

Amplify your market share

Increase your profits

Leverage tests and experimentation for SEO strategy
Improves visibility and gets insights on keywords, user behavior, and more
Use content and keyword data from PPC to improve SEO
Test and fine-tune PPC campaigns with different keywords, ad copy, etc

Our Google & Bing PPC Strategy

Our goal is ongoing optimization of your PPC campaigns so you can grow your audience, brand awareness and recognition, market share, and revenue. Here’s what Google & Bing PPC Management looks like:

  • Ongoing keyword research to make informed, competitive bids
  • Create ads with high click-through rates by A/B testing and constantly monitoring performance
  • Use audience targeting to attract only the most qualified, relevant traffic
  • Target by age, income, gender, and other characteristics
  • Attract customers by their interests and affinities
  • Apply attribution modeling to track effectiveness of ads throughout your sales funnel

All of this can help to improve your Quality Score and refine your target audience. Our goal is to get higher ad rankings and lower costs (i.e., higher ROI) for your Bing and Google PPC campaigns.


We’re a Google All-Star & Premier Partner
(And there’s only a few of us.)

Google named Titan Growth a “Google All-Star” and “Premier Partner,” representing an elite group of top-performing Google Partners. We have access to special events, trainings, new alphas and betas, research and first looks at new Google features – enabling us to give our clients an edge over the competition.