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Claim Your Stake in the Biggest Online Marketplace

If you’re an e-commerce company, odds are your target audience is already using Amazon. Why not meet them where they are? Amazon Marketing Services let you market to those who are currently looking for your specific product—even if they don’t know it yet.


Put Your Products in Front of Shoppers

Amazon Marketing Services offer a variety of ad types and opportunities to reach customers. Using a mix of keyword types will grow your reach and target audience on Amazon:

  • Branded product keywords will capture shoppers looking for your specific company or brand name
  • Competitor branded keywords give shoppers the chance to see and compare your products to those of a competitor
  • Complementary product keywords let you reach people who are interested in similar products (for example, someone looking for dog food may likely be interested in stylish dog beds)
  • Out of category keywords allow you to grow your reach to customers who may not be shopping for your products or offerings, but are looking for something related

Why Amazon Marketing?

Just like social media marketing, Amazon marketing offers granular targeting, so you can reach your specific target audience. This service also allows you to meet people right when they are ready to buy. A well-designed Amazon target marketing campaign can not only drive more sales, but also growth in brand awareness and recognition as your name climbs up the best-sellers ranking lists.