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Complimentary Opportunity Analysis

Want to get the most out of your paid campaigns? Let our team of paid search experts uncover opportunities to limit wasteful spend and amplify your leads and revenue. See what Titan Growth can do for you.

Actionable Data to Help Drive Profitable Results

Get a complimentary Paid Media audit and analysis to discover:

  • An overview of the types of customers who are clicking on your ads, and if they align with your ideal customer
  • A breakdown of spend and where it’s currently being allocated
  • Performance analysis across your various campaigns
  • Quality Score analysis courtesy of TitanBOT®
  • Campaign and ad setup that may be hindering overall performance

We’ll take a look at the data and show you:

  • An overview of PPC strategies and techniques to improve your ad productivity
  • Opportunities to decrease unproductive spending
  • Current and new areas to reallocate or increase budget to increase overall performance
  • An estimate of the required investment to make these changes and when you’ll start seeing results