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Google Premier Agency Partner

Paid Media strategies that are effective and Google-approved.

Titan Growth has been a long-time Google Partner and has been both a “Google All-Star” and “Premier Partner,” representing an elite group of top-performing Google Partners.  


What Are the Advantages of Being a Premier Agency Partner?

Direct Access to a Google Team

One of the most significant benefits of being a Google Premier Agency Partner is the direct access to an entire Google team, dedicated to our account. Our paid media team has access to this amazing group of Google strategists for strategy calls, quicker turnaround on technical issues, training, and first-hand Google insight on our client accounts.

Early Access to Betas and New Features

Being a Google Premier Agency Partner means Titan Growth gets access to betas and new features before the general public. This allows our team to test new features, and also get a head start on certain features that become more competitive later on.

Exclusive Trainings & Events

The Titan Growth team attends many Google events and trainings, exclusive to Premier Agency Partners. These trainings range from state-of-the-market meetings, to new feature ideas, to very technical product/feature trainings. We have thoroughly enjoyed traveling to the Google offices, as well as hosting the Google team at our office for trainings and workshops.

Research Access

As the most prominent search engine in the world, you can assume that Google has A LOT of data. Being a Google Premier Partner allows us access to exclusive research reports that we use to help better position our clients in their respective marketplace.

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