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7 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Digital Marketers

on November 26, 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us. And as you sit back, a full belly and full heart, social posts scheduled and seasonal marketing strategy deployed (or at least we hope so), you may have a little time on your hands to bask in the quiet of the holiday.

But who are we kidding? As a marketer, we know you’re still on your device checking emails and ad deliverability. So, we offer a segue, and a chance to get a little holiday shopping done at the same time. Take advantage of those Cyber Weekend deals and check out these seven holiday gift ideas for the digital marketer in your life.

1.     A Mug

Everyone drinks stuff, even digital marketers. So give a gift that lets them do just that while telling the world how wonderful they are.

Or you could use this opportunity to let them know how mediocre they are. But take it from us, no one will believe it because digital marketers are awesome.

2.     A Book

Ask any digital marketer who reads, and they’ll tell you that this is by far the best book on SEO that’s available on the market. From beginners to experts, there’s something for everyone in The Art of SEO. It’s the War and Peace of SEO strategy. Only a whole lot more fun to read.

And just imagine how well-rounded your digital marketer will look when they’re sitting around reading an actual book. Not a screen.

3.     A Premium Subscription

There are few things digital marketers love more than marketing tools. So if you’re truly looking for the perfect gift to give this year, why not get the digital marketer the gift that will keep on giving.

Here are some of the best digital marketing tools you can sign up for on someone’s behalf:


  • Yoast SEO Premium – Because free WordPress plugins can only take one so far
  • Hootsuite – Post everything in a day and take the rest of the week off. They deserve it
  • HubSpot – They’ll be the envy of their friends with the Swiss army Army knife of marketing
  • SEMRush – At the top of every SEO specialist’s wish list to Santa
  • BuzzSumo – Give the gift of content marketing strategy
  • An eGift Card – To be used on wonderful things like Google Ad campaigns and CDNs, of course


4.     Glasses

Not just any glasses mind you — anti-blue light, eye strain prevention glasses.

Ask a digital marketer about their day, and they will unload upon you the woes of staring at a screen for 17 hours straight. Well, there is something you can do about all that glare and blue light shooting through the eyes of your loved ones.

While the jury may be out on the effects of blue light, it never hurts to be safe. Plus, glasses make people look sophisticated, and on top of that, our team loves them!

5.     A Stress Ball

The life of a digital marketer can be really hard sometimes. Especially when Carl from sales won’t get off their back about lead generation. But in those dark times, when open rates are low and Google refuses to show your ads, take out your frustration on a stress ball.

There are so many wonderful options these days for stress relievers that you’re sure to find one for your favorite digital marketer. Although, we have yet to find one with Google embossed on it…

Do you know what also relieves stress?

6.     A Puppy

Life is just better with puppies, especially when you’re a digital marketer.

7. Beard Trimmers (So You Can Look Like Rand Fishkin)

If you don’t know who he is (a) shame on you, and (b) he co-founded Moz and is currently the founder of SparkToro.

He also has the best facial hair the digital marketing world has ever known.

What better way to channel your inner link juice than by looking like an SEO Jedi on the outside? And this isn’t a gift just for the men. Women can enjoy it just as much because it will allow them to turn all the guys in their lives into Rand Fishkin look-alikes. Tell me what marketing-savvy lady wouldn’t want that?

Or we suppose you could just send them a link to Rand Fishkin talking about SEO in front of a whiteboard. Just as awesome, moustachey and informative.