Titan Growth Makes 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies Third Year In A Row!

Congratulations to the Titan team for making the list of SDBJ’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the 3rd year in a row!

This month marked another accomplishment for the Titan Growth team as they landed the list for the San Diego Business Journal’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the third year in a row. The awards were held at Paradise Point Resort & Spa, where Titan Growth stood amongst some of the most prestigious private companies in San Diego, like Stone Brewing Company and Sentek Global.

Titan Growth is an expanding internet marketing company based out of San Diego, providing advanced SEO, PPC and social media marketing solutions to businesses worldwide. Titan Growth is able to achieve success for their clients with a cohesive and talented team, as well as a proprietary technology called TitanBOT.

“It is a great honor which we attribute to our phenomenal team here at Titan Growth.” Says Danny Shepherd, President of Titan Growth. “We would also like to thank all of our clients for their ongoing support and look forward to their continued success.”

Since its inception in 2004, Titan Growth has instilled innovation, teamwork, and achievement in their company culture and has experienced continuous growth ever since. The future is looking bright as Titan Growth gears up for another great year.

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth

Sponsored Updates Are Coming To Linkedin

LinkedIn now offers Sponsored Updates for companies who want to expand their content’s reach on the largest professional network.

With over 3 million Company Pages and 225 million members total, LinkedIn has become a news source for professionals around the world. Since great content can be highly useful, informational and inspiring, LinkedIn has announced a way to more effectively unite professionals and brands through content with Sponsored Updates.

Before Sponsored Updates, company posts relied only on organic views for exposure, which was usually limited by the extent of the company’s followers. Now, companies will be able to get more exposure for their content by promoting their posts through Sponsored Updates. Advertisers will be able to choose between CPC (cost-per-click) or CPM (cost-per-impression) pricing and can target over 200 countries in 20 different languages; and like LinkedIn Ads, you will also be able to select a target market for your Sponsored Updates based on demographics and interests. If you’re concerned about ROI, Sponsored Updates also allows companies to track the effectiveness of their updates with comprehensive analytics data.

Sponsored Updates will appear in user newsfeeds along with organic posts from their network, and will function across all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablets. The Sponsored Update will be marked ‘sponsored’ and will feature the option to ‘follow’ the company in addition to liking, sharing or commenting on the update, giving users more options for engagement.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates will be rolling out to all Company Pages this month. If you’re interested in promoting your company posts, let us know and we can help you get started. For more information on how advertising with LinkedIn and social media marketing can help your business feel free to contact us.

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth

Facebook Offers New Insights For Page Managers 

Facebook revealed a revamped Insights platform, offering a clean look and new data for Page Managers.

Facebook Insights is a brands best friend, showing you what’s successful and what isn’t when looking at posts, content, and engagement. Now, with Facebook’s revamped Insights, brands can learn even more about their marketing efforts on the world’s largest social network.

Upon first glance, you’ll immediately recognize the difference between the new version and the previous one. The layout is much cleaner and there are more visual features. There is also some new data available to brands that will definitely be beneficial to those tracking their Facebook marketing strategy. While there have been quite a few changes on this newer version, the comprehensive layout makes for an easy transition between the two versions. After a few minutes of navigating the new version, you’ll have it pretty well figured out. Nevertheless, we will highlight a few of the most significant changes along with our favorite key features.

What’s Different

New Tabs – The tabs that used to be ‘Likes’, ‘Reach’ and ‘Talking About This’ are now ‘Page’, ‘Posts’ and ‘People’. With the new tabs, the data is segregated in a streamlined and easy to understand format. In addition, every tab other than Overview has an additional three tabs which offer further data breakdown.

Date Slider – On the ‘Page’ tab, there is a new way to specify the date fields for the data you would like to see. This date slider can be found on all three tabs within the ‘Page’ section and offers a great and easy way to visualize your Page’s performance over specific periods of time. Once you specify your date, all graphs will change and show data for that time period. If you have very specific dates you’d like to see data for, you can always use the calendar selector to choose your dates.

Graph Toggling – Overall, you’ll notice more graphs with this version. Many of the graphs allow for toggling between variables, so you can isolate certain metrics and really drill down on your Page’s performance.

Deeper Post Analytics – The new section ‘Posts’ not only offers the breakdown on posts that we’ve seen on the previous version but includes more data to help you understand the effectiveness of your posts overall. On the breakdown of ‘All Posts’, you’ll see all of your posts with Reach and Engagement statistics like before, but now with thumbnails to help you better identify one from the other. You can also choose which variables you would like to see on Reach and Engagement. For example, you can toggle between Organic vs. Paid reach or Fans vs. Non-Fans. There are also two tabs in the Posts section called ‘When Your Fans Are Online’ and ‘Best Post Types’ which give more insight as to who is being reached by your content and optimal times/ types of posts to release.

Final Thoughts 

Once you get a chance to experiment with the new system, it doesn’t take long to catch on. The new platform is easy to navigate and adapt to, plus it offers some great new data for Page managers to get excited about! If you have any questions regarding the new Insights platform, or how to use it to gauge the effectiveness of your Facebook strategy, feel free to contact us!

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth