Content Is Still King – 4 Ways To Build Your Audience And SEO Rankings Through Your Website Content

Is content actually king in SEO? It has been debated whether or not website content is going to continue as an effective way to reach your target audience and improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. However, it is evident that creating and distributing relevant and valuable content is still a powerful way to attract and engage your target audience as well as improve your search rankings. Take a look at these 4 SEO content tips to make the most out of your website and blog content.

Provide Valuable Content

Before looking at technical ways to enhance your content, you have to first be sure that your website content is high quality and provides value to your intended audience. It’s important to be sure you know your target audience and keep them in mind in order to make your content as engaging as possible. When writing content, you also want to be addressing the questions and concerns of your target audience in order to provide the most value.

Enhance the value of your content by adding visuals or images. People are attracted to visuals so it is important to incorporate photos or video with your website content. Studies have shown that content with images receives 47% more clicks than content without visuals.

Include Relevant Keywords Where They Matter

Make sure your target audience (and the search engines!) know what your content is about by using target keywords where they matter most. Use clear headlines that describe the content to follow, and focus on terms that you believe your readers might be searching for. This will help your readers easily find what they are looking for and ultimately, help the search engines to suggest your content for more relevant searches.

Keep Content Updated 

If the content on your website never changes, then why would someone who has already read it want to come back? Give your target audience a reason to come back to your website by offering new or updated content. This could mean consistently adding new blog articles or maybe just freshening up stale site content. Ramping up the update frequency on your website not only provides new and informative content for your readers but can also increase the crawling and indexing frequency from the search engine spiders.

Optimize Meta Tags 

Optimizing title and meta tags can help readers and search engines identify what your content is about and can also help to increase the click-through rate. Meta tags are read by search engines and are visible to users in the search results. The title tag and meta description should include keywords that are relevant to the content of the web page they describe and offer an inviting reason to click on your link. Keep title tags concise and use keywords that relate to your content and that your intended audience would be searching for. Write compelling meta descriptions to reinforce your title tag, giving users a preview of what they will see when they click your link.

Every company needs to sharpen their focus on great content in order to increase their reach. By providing relevant information to making sure keywords, backlinks and meta tags are optimized, your content should be building your audience reach and SEO rankings.