The Ongoing Push For Performance – Erica Garman Promoted To Director Of Operations

In an industry that’s always advancing, Titan Growth must adapt to changes and evolve constantly in order to stay current and grow. Despite the changes we’ve seen and undergone throughout the years, (and there have been many!) one thing has remained the same; and that’s our commitment to deliver sensational results to our clients. Titan Growth has been providing these results for over a decade, and that standard is important to us.

As the Titan Growth team continues to grow, we want to make sure client satisfaction and performance remain the framework for our viability. As our new director of operations, Erica will practice this initiative by operating under the premise of performance, so that when our clients win, we win.

For this role, we have chosen someone who knows the industry and the company in and out. Erica has been with Titan Growth for over five years, has worn many hats and always puts clients first, which ultimately made her the ideal candidate for this new position. As Erica transitions into her new role, she will be responsible for implementing strategies and standards for departments to run as effectively and efficiently as possible, with the end goal of providing unequivocal results.

We congratulate Erica and are excited to bring this new role to the company so that we can continue to provide first-class results for our clients.