6 Ways To Profit With Pinterest 

Discover How to Pinterest for Business

Despite popular belief, Pinterest is not just for businesses that sell products. Businesses from dealerships to dentists are reaping the benefits from this traffic powerhouse. Get on ‘board’ with Pinterest and drive traffic to your website with these 6 tips.

    1. Make Your Pins POP

      Don’t underestimate the power of a great image, especially with this social network. Incorporate clear, captivating and relevant images into any website pages or blog posts that you want to pin in order to help increase click-through rate and drive traffic back to your website.

    2. Use Keyword-Rich Descriptions

      Pin descriptions are prime real estate that are all too often discredited by the unoriginal “cute!” or ‘awesome pic!” description. Utilize your descriptions to include rich keywords that explain your product or service, helping your pins come up in search. Do the same for your board names and descriptions as well.

    3. Spike Curiosity

      While good descriptions are a must, long-winded descriptions are a must not. This can be tough to avoid when you are trying to showcase products or services that are highly technical or require more information. Spike interest around a technical service or product by giving a teaser that will compel users to click. “What does this vacuum have that others don’t? Click here to find out!”

      Don’t leave them wanting! Make sure that if you do use a teaser description, the page on your site you are pinning from has all the information the user would need once they click on the image.

    4. Tell, Don’t Ask

      Don’t make your users wonder, tell them what you want them to do with strong calls to action. Phrases like ‘click here!’ or ‘repin this’ seem petty, but they can make a big difference to your click through rate. Also, try adding a ‘click here’ button to some of your images as an additional call-to-action.

    5. Use Multiple Medias

      Did you know you can pin videos to Pinterest? Pinning videos offers yet another way to showcase your brand and deliver more information on your products or services. And what’s even better, each pinned video has a play arrow on the image which is another small feature that can help increase, you guessed it, click-through rate.

    6. Price Your Pins

      If you are an e-commerce brand, it may pay to put prices on your pins. For some users, Pinterest is their shopping cart. When they see something they like, they want to not only know where they can get it, but how much it costs. Having a price in the description also suggests that when the user clicks the pin, they will be redirected to somewhere where they can purchase the product.


E-commerce and service brands alike should consider adding Pinterest to their marketing mix as a tool for driving traffic. Just remember to use great imagery and taglines that you yourself would feel compelled to click and you’re ready to get pinning! If you have any further questions on Pinterest for business, please contact us today!

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth