Google+ Live And Thriving

Last week Google+ made the jump from “by invitation only” to “open to the public”, and immediate growth was impressive. In the first two days after Google’s social network went live to the public, it saw a 30% growth or approximately 10 million new users. This equates to an estimated 43.3 million users worldwide, according to founder, Paul Allen.

Since its original launch about four months ago, online marketers have been taking note of Google+’s growth, and have been watching for any sign of a mass exodus from Facebook, which has not yet occurred. Although Google+’s user numbers fall well below Facebook’s estimated 800 million, one must take into account the fact that what Facebook did in terms of growth during its first three years, Google+ accomplished during their first month.

Can we attribute Google+ unprecedented rise to its stellar social networking features? Or is their success due to the fact social networking is much more commonplace now than it once was, and now considered acceptable in professional circles? Perhaps we can ascribe their growth to the many millions of people online “checking things out”. Whatever the cause, most people in the online marketing industry will keep Google+ on the radar even while most people continue to log into Facebook. For more information about how to get your business’ website active in the social marketing arena, talk to your SEO agency today.