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Stay Top of Mind With Account-Based Email Prospecting

Re-engage your hard-earned lead lists with ongoing email communication. Today, single touchpoints just aren’t enough. Sell new leads, or re-sell previous customers with versatile email campaigns, designed with your goals in mind.


A Direct Line of Communication to Your Audience

Account-based email prospecting provides a variety of benefits, and when you partner with our team, here is what you can expect:

  • List building to create the audience that matches your ICP, for the most qualified leads.
  • Drip copywriting backed by copious research to promote higher open and response rates.
  • Test, test, and test some more! Our team continuously tests sequence length, frequency, and copy to strive towards better results – and more leads!
  • Continuous monitoring allows your team to sit back and let the leads roll in. In the background, our team constantly monitors open and response rates and other KPIs to ensure your email prospecting campaigns are running seamlessly.
  • Inbox management means a response will never slip through the cracks. Our team monitors for responses and replies to emails immediately. We work closely with your team to create a standard for responses and appointment setting.

Why Account-Based Email Prospecting?

Account-based email prospecting is a versatile strategy, offering multiple touchpoints to a highly targeted list. It's personal, it's convenient, and it's instant. All important facets of an effective marketing strategy catered to modern consumer habits.

Why Account-Based Email Prospecting?