SEO Objections: What Holds Companies Back from Investing In SEO


There are many SEO & digital marketing agencies out there who aren’t shy about promising you the world before delivering absolutely no value. “You said you wanted to double your organic traffic, you didn’t say it had to be from people actually interested in buying your product!”

Successful SEO agencies don’t operate this way. Titan Growth was named an All-Star agency by Google (one of only a handful) because we are committed to helping our clients build sustainable SEO strategies.

However, it’s unsurprising that many of our clients come to us with negative experiences in the past from less-reputable agencies. Even if they decide to work with our team, there is usually a bit of skepticism to overcome.


This guide serves to answer and address the 5 objections and questions that we hear on almost every sales call:

1. SEO doesn’t work

SEO does work. It’s that simple. We have data to back it up.

Check out these SEO Case Studies to see firsthand how our agency helped our clients achieve increases in traffic and revenue.

In addition to increasing organic web traffic, the processes involved in an SEO strategy facilitate growth in other ways.


For instance, keyword research is also market research. Creating content for better search rankings is also content marketing. The process of link building serves to spread brand awareness and capture referral traffic. User experience, site speed, mobile accessibility, internal and external linking, and site security all factor into a comprehensive SEO strategy.

SEO works to improve your organic traffic and rankings, and the SEO process helps improve your brand from a holistic marketing perspective.



2. SEO takes too long to bring results

SEO is a long-term strategy. Websites are similar to large buildings in that the foundation must be planned and created with future growth in mind.


After a month of construction, an investor wouldn’t say, “Why isn’t this skyscraper built yet?! You’ve spent all this time planning the architecture, laying a foundation, and waiting for the concrete to cure… but I want a tall building now!” Building on an uncured concrete foundation and using “black hat” SEO to rank quickly are both poor long-term strategies.


It takes time for any site to build sustainable credibility. A reputable SEO agency’s job is to plan and execute a strategy that will slowly but steadily improve your site’s rankings without resorting to spammy or unethical techniques.


SEO is an investment, not a single purchase. Invest in SEO if you want steady growth that compounds over time and builds your website’s authority within your industry.


3. We will never rank on the front page

You may not.


At least, not for the keywords that you think are important.


Let’s say your business sells screen-printed tee shirts. You wouldn’t rank on the first page for “tee shirts” (if you do, let’s talk), but neither would you want to. The majority of people searching for “tee shirts” probably would not be converters on your site. Someone searching for “screen-printed custom cotton tees”, however, would be a much more qualified lead.


An SEO agency can help you develop a themed keyword strategy that will help you bring in qualified traffic.


Build your website’s authority by starting with longer search terms, and then moving toward keywords with higher search volume.

In the meantime, searchers who want your product will be ushered toward your website leading to increased revenue from qualified traffic.


While you may not be ranking for “tee shirts”, you will sell more tee shirts—and that was always the goal, right?


4. I can do SEO in house for cheaper 

It might be easy to do SEO in house. That is, if you have a full team of experts who are sitting around with nothing to do.


If you have an aggressive sales goal, it’s going to be tough to make meaningful progress with an in-house team.

This doesn’t even take into account all of the tools that good SEO agencies use to make them more effective. It’s tough to invest tens of thousands (or more) into buying, developing, and training with tools that you aren’t even sure will make a positive impact.


Without proprietary technology, AI-driven tools, research and development teams, and a large portfolio of other accounts to test, DIY isn’t always the cheapest option, nor is the best way to get the most impactful results.


5. SEO is unpredictable

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and no one can predict with complete certainty how and when they will be adjusted.


Discouraged? Don’t be. This is all the more reason to use a reputable SEO agency.


Good agencies thrive on sharing strategies, techniques, and results, because proving the value of SEO is a collective goal. In addition to completing various certifications and trainings, SEOs spend hours daily reading search engine news, analyzing search trends, and testing new techniques.


You want these experts on your team; try to do it on your own, and you might not be able to keep up.


Bottom Line:

Hiring an SEO agency is an investment worth making. Don’t hire an agency to make quick fixes, but to be an integral part of your marketing department that leverages actionable data to improve the aspects of your website that contribute to your bottom line.


If you have additional questions please contact our Vice President, Mike Tretinjak, at [email protected] or 1-800-658-7511.