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How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Ads 


Facebook offers a dynamic advertising system that allows you to customize the recipients in conjunction with your business’ specific target market. With that said, you are only allowed one small picture and a strand of text in a Facebook Ad to really pack a punch, so it’s important to make every move count. Find out how to get the most out of Facebook Ads below.

Create Highly Targeted Ads

The wonderful thing about Facebook advertising is the ability to choose who your ads are reaching. Leveraging this capability by creating highly targeted campaigns will result in more successful Facebook ads. Think about who you are targeting and why. Who are the main users of your product/service?

 Is a majority male, female or both?
 Are your customers typically older or younger?
 Where are most of your clients coming from?

Use Facebook Insights to get an idea of the gender, age, and location of individuals who like your page and use this data when creating your ads.

The individuals who like your page indicate the type of people who would respond positively to your ads. Focus your Facebook advertising around these statistics and choose options that make sense. If you own hotels in the United States but notice that a significant number of your guests travel from Canada, be sure to include Canada when creating your ad. On the other hand, including too many locations only raises the cost per click and won’t necessarily increase interaction with your ads. You can also target users by state, city and zip code if your business’ reach isn’t national or global.  Use the same Facebook Ad strategy when considering age, gender, and interests by choosing options that make sense for your brand.

Customize Ads to your Target Market

Once you’ve focused on your target market, the next step is creating ads that cater to that particular group. If the majority of your client base is female, create ads that speak to women. If your brand relates to adventure and family fun, add a photo of a family and create an exciting statement with a call to action.

Since you are able to hand-select the demographic you are targeting in your ads, you also have the option of running several different ads targeting different individuals, such as males and females. An ad that may be popular with men may not be as effective with women; why not split them up and create custom ads for each gender? Splitting up your target market and creating custom ads for those individuals will increase the success of your campaign. Create specific ads based on location, language, age, and gender, and target the right groups of people. Using a specific strategy will result in a higher click through rate and will lessen the cost per click (CPC) since your ads focus on a smaller target market. Learn which audiences to exclude from your campaign here.

Create Ads That Stand Out

Since businesses are only allotted one thumbnail photo and a maximum of 135 characters, you’ve got to make it count. Use clear, up-close images to really make an impact. Avoid images that are ambiguous or zoomed out. People are more apt to click on Facebook ads that interest them and draw in their attention; vibrant and clear images are attention grabbers.
It is also important to have interesting text along with your image to encourage a click. An enticing photo may cause individuals to look, but the text is what ultimately makes someone click. Think about what would make you click on an ad. Would you be more likely to click on an ad that says:

“Carrie’s Beauty Supply has the best hair and beauty products around” or
“Want to make an impression? Find beauty products that make a statement at Carrie’s Beauty Supply”

The latter is clearly more catchy, invokes the reader’s interest, and includes a call to action. Using text that makes an impact is very important to the success of your ad. Specials and discounts are also catchy and can be successful in advertisements on Facebook.

Continuously Test Your Ads

Continue to test your Facebook ads to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s beneficial to run several ads for a certain period of time and see how they perform. Switch up the pictures or text in ads that aren’t performing well and look for any measurable improvements. Run the successful Facebook ads in a campaign, but remember, people are continuously changing their tastes and new trends surface, so it’s important to always re-evaluate your target market and create ads accordingly to drive quality leads.

Facebook ads offer a great way to promote your brand to the individuals who matter most. If you have any questions about Facebook advertising or how to gain more exposure for your brand through Facebook ads, contact your SEO agency.

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth