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Different Name, Same Real Results


Titan SEO is Excited to Announce our Re-brand to Titan Growth!

When we first started Titan SEO in 2004, we lived, breathed and immersed ourselves completely in the world of SEO. Now well over a decade later, we have the experience and battle scars to prove it. We have watched SEO trends come and go, been through more Google algorithm updates than we care to count, patented a proprietary search engine spider emulation technology, and worked tirelessly to grow rankings, traffic, and revenue for our clients. Yes, some would call us growth champions… and we won’t disagree.

In the beginning, the name Titan SEO represented our passion and our core focus. It also didn’t hurt from a domain-level keyword perspective (SEO circa 2004 anyone?) Today, that name just doesn’t feel quite right. Why? Because we are more than just an SEO agency; we’re a Growth company.

As the digital landscape has shifted and our clients’ competition has become fiercer, growth in the digital space has changed dramatically. For a lot of companies, having a presence online means more than SEO.

It wasn’t long after we started Titan SEO that we began to realize the vast benefits of paid search and how it works so effectively with SEO. Since then, it has become an increasingly important part of our core service. In our experience, clients who engage in both paid and SEO initiatives see greater results across the board. For that reason, pay has become a vital part of our company. So much so that we have continued to get recognized by Google as a top performing agency.

“The Catalyst behind the name change in part came from Google.” Says President Danny Shepherd. “Google was so impressed by our year over year Paid Search growth rate, which is 207% higher than the average of the top 10 Agencies in the USA, that they made it clear our partnership meant a lot by giving us access to considerable Google resources.”

Not only did Google name us a Premier Partner Agency, but also named us a Google All-Star Agency, one of only a handful. In addition to being recognized, we have also continued to have access to a dedicated team of expert-level Googlers to help with our clients’ success. We have won a number of awards based on our paid search campaigns, have been featured in co-branded case studies with Google, and have attended numerous exclusive Paid Search summits at the Googleplex. As a company, we have evolved and it’s time that our brand reflects that progress.

Today, we have simply outgrown our name. We encompass more than SEO and have the track record to prove ourselves as a versatile agency. As the digital world continues to shift, we want to remain open to all possibilities that will result in our clients’ continued growth and success. We’ve always had a long-standing relationship with excellence, and will continue to look to the future, starting with Titan Growth®.