Hashtags Now Supported In Google Search


Google search has taken another step towards social (or should we say Google+) integration with the recent launch of SEO hashtag search.

Now, when you search certain hashtags in Google, you may see a stream of related Google+ posts on the right-hand side of the page. The posts will scroll automatically, but you also have the option to manually scroll with the up and down arrows provided. If you click on any of the posts, you will be directed to a Google+ search splash page for the hashtag you have just searched.

Of course, it’s not social integration without some of the other big social networks. So to play nice and avoid any negative publicity from social media’s biggest players, Google has also added links to other social networks where you can continue your hashtag search.

Currently, this update is being rolled out to English language users in the U.S. and Canada on google.com and google.ca.

What this means for you

To say that hashtags are important is an understatement. SEO hashtag search has been adopted across all of the largest social networks and is now integrated into search itself. This is a big eye opener, as well as a big opportunity for brands.

To increase the chances that your brand posts will show up in searches on the social networks (and now Google!) it is important to:

1. Have a Google+ page

There’s no denying it now, Google+ is a key network since it is so heavily integrated into Google search. Now that hashtags are supported in Google for users who are logged in or not, it is more important than ever for brands to be active on Google+.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are like keywords, so use rich, relevant hashtags that you would want associated to with your brand, products or services. In this case, broad is better since it increases the chance that someone is searching for that hashtag.

3. Stay on top of what’s trending

Trending hashtags, while more competitive, have extremely high volumes of searches. If you can utilize trending hashtags and still tie them into your brand message, it can create great opportunities for exposure.

Updates like this stress the importance of social media, and Google+ in particular. It also creates huge opportunities for brands to leverage hashtags for their own advances, so savvy marketers take heed.

If you have any questions about Google hashtag search or how to better leverage hashtags in your social media SEO strategy, contact us.

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth