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Google Redesign Launches


On Wednesday, Google released its latest redesign to its logo, color scheme, and search results page, which included a smattering of images and a navigable sidebar to the left of the search results.  This redesign is likely one of many upcoming changes the search engine will make in response to the soon-to-be-released “Search Alliance” between Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Google’s changes may also be a response to the successes of Microsoft’s Bing, which was launched in Summer 2009.  Bing’s market share’s rise of nearly 4 percentage points since its launch has many in the industry interested at the very least, and Google for one is taking note of the engine’s strengths.
br /> Now that the Search Alliance is on its way to completion, based on announcements that it will go live before the holiday season, we can expect Microsoft to continue to advertise heavily and pour money into harnessing Yahoo!’s technology.

With Google’s redesigns, new advertising platforms, and ways to search, coupled with the Search Alliances’ promised advancements, advertisers and SEO agencies need to stay on top of their SEO and PPC strategies.  No doubt the competition is going to be leveraging the search engine’s newest available resources, and once again the market will move forward, with or without traditional businesses on board.

Contributed by Amanda Finch, VP Operations