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Google Caffeine Is Here


Google Caffeine is Here: Titan Growth® Explains the Difference

On June 8, 2010, Google released its new indexing system, Google Caffeine, which has gone through rigorous testing within Google and on various data centers for the past ten months.  This long-awaited update brings a reportedly 50% faster indexing system than on previous versions of Google, as well as even faster search results for users.

The difference between Google Caffeine and “decaf” versions of Google is that now, web content is indexed in pieces, whereas before it was indexed in “layers”.  This new system allows new web pages and new content to be indexed almost immediately, rather than waiting several days or weeks as happened before.  In fact, Google reports there will be hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of new data added per day; this new indexing system comes at a time when online media types are changing and content such as images and video are becoming more prevalent.  This update also comes on the heels of Google’s latest “facelift“, where the Google logo was changed, more search options added, and most recently, users are able to change the image on their Google homepage (so it appears much like Bing’s).

For SEO Companies and their clients, this change marks a turning point in the way SEO strategies and site updates are facilitated.  SEO companies’ who actively feed data to Google will notice their changes will get indexed much faster.  SEO companies who understand these changes can better predict when their work and testing will actually pay off, and they won’t have to wait as long.  On the other hand, those who are not closely monitoring the changes this Google Caffeine update brings will probably end up losing some of their hard-earned rankings. It’s important to continually keep up to date on the ever-changing search engine optimization world.

For users, get ready to see new content and better, faster search results immediately.

Contributed by Amanda Finch, VP Operations