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Get TitanBOT®’s Competitive Advantage

Complete Site Analysis

TitanBOT® emulates search engine behavior and pulls data in the same way. Our team of analysts can then use that data (potentially millions of data points) to determine how search engines are currently reacting to your site. This allows us to make updates that push existing rankings onto the first page and simultaneously generate new rankings for your site. The result is greater reach, an increase in market share and traffic, and growth in revenue and profit over the long term.

Discover Opportunities

By comparing what TitanBOT® finds and the data search engines have stored for your site, we can better determine the most effective ways to improve your search rankings.

Technologically Advanced Strategies

We don’t stop when your site is optimized. Instead of just increasing general traffic, we keep fine-tuning our strategy so you’re attracting qualified and relevant traffic from qualified customers.

Market Dominance

Stay ahead of the curve—we’ve been using TitanBOT® Mobile to see what GoogleBot Mobile sees when crawling as a mobile device. We update TitanBOT® continuously as we learn about new algorithm changes. This gives us time to keep our clients ahead of the competition before these changes take place.

TitanBOT® Nucleus

With TitanBOT® Nucleus, our team has a window into a complete geospatial analysis of your site. It visualizes all the nodes, internal links, and site architecture. We can use it to easily spot opportunities that can help improve SEO performance and to drive additional traffic, revenue, and profit.

TitanBOT® Nucleus

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