Titan Growth Named A Finalist In 2016 Bing Agency Awards


Less than 100 agencies have been invited to partake in the 2016 Bing Agency Awards, and Titan Growth is thrilled to be named one of these finalists!

The first-ever Bing Agency Awards will be held in New York this September and “aims to recognize and reward outstanding creative, effective and passionate work by Search Advertising individuals, teams and agencies working with Bing Ads.”

Participation for the Bing Agency Awards is by invitation only, and the list of eligible participants currently includes only 96 agencies worldwide. As a long-term Bing Ads partner, the Titan Growth team is excited to be selected for participation and will be submitting their own Bing Ads case studies for consideration at this year’s award ceremony.

For more information on the Bing Agency Awards, and to follow along with the list of finalists, visit bingagencyawards2016.com!