Classy Closets

A client since 2006, Classy Closets has seen substantial increases in revenue, traffic, and keyword rankings.

Quote Left Danny, I thought it was time to give you some feedback on the job you and your team have done for us at Classy Closets. I can tell you the decision to invest in both our natural search and maintain the PPC was one that we had prioritized for quite some time. We selected your services four years ago due mainly to the professional way you conducted yourselves at our meetings and the plan of action provided.

I want you to know it was the right choice and while we have suffered during this very severe recession we are convinced that the two most important lead generation tools we have had over the last 4 years are our internet leads from your service and repeat referral business. The referral business is due to the quality of service we provide but the new business enjoyed via our internet leads has been crucial to maintaining our business. I am convinced without the exposure especially through the natural search program it is unlikely we would have survived the last couple of years.

When we signed on to your company we had lucrative builder contracts that have since disappeared and as strange as it might seem our residential business has increased over the last 2 years thanks to you.

We feel that the job you have done keeping up with the Googles, Bings and Yahoos of this world has been nothing short of remarkable given the major changes these engines have undergone.

One more thing that validates our belief in what you are doing. We have cut budget on just about every form of marketing with the exception of search engine optimization. That my friend speaks volumes about the quality of work you do.

Please pass on my thoughts to your team. I know how much positive feedback from clients can impact a working environment.Quote Right

- Gary Pavitt, President

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