Use Display Retargeting To Grow Your Search Business


How to Use Display Retargeting to Grow Your Search Business Businesses interested in maximizing their SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) spend would be wise to consider using retargeting via display ads in order to draw past visitors back to their website. If you are familiar with how SEO and PPC work, you know not all visitors end up becoming customers. Many visitors never make a purchase, sign up, or use the contact form. Instead of counting those clicks as “lost”, retargeting allows you to position another ad in front of a potential customer who is clearly already interested in your industry or product? A customer that has already visited your website and is interested in what you have to offer.

Retargeting is a method whereby websites post a cookie on the computer of a website visitor, and later “find” that visitor again when they are viewing another website with available ad space. Advertisers can “retarget” their previous website visitor by using a display ad to get their brand back in front of the searcher while the searcher is browsing the web.

Are there benefits to repositioning your ad in front of someone who decided to leave your site? Certainly! The previous web site visitor already has an interest in what you have to offer, and they have already seen your brand. We know brand awareness is extremely important for consumers and can be a major reason for purchasing one product over another. Even if you are not able to convert all of those “retargeted” ads, you are continuing to build brand awareness with someone who has already been on your website, which can be a very effective tool in future purchase decisions.

Once you decide to retarget your ads, you have many options from which to choose. You can use the products offered by the search engines themselves, such as Yahoo’s retargeting program, or Google’s Remarketing, which is still in Beta. Or, for additional benefit, you can use a retargeting company such as Titan Growth®‘s retargeting technology powered by Fetchback.  Agencies like Titan Growth®, who specializes in combining the benefits of SEO and PPC with retargeting, have a wealth of tracking abilities at their disposal, which can be extremely useful for the advertiser.  Deciding on which type of program to use will depend on your company’s budget, tracking and analytical needs, numbers of unique site visitors per month, and other factors.

Bottom line: if you see visitors bouncing off your site without converting, it might be worth considering whether or not retargeting is right for your business. At cost-effective addition to PPC and SEO, retargeting has the potential to turn many “lost” visitors into customers.

Contributed by Amanda Finch, VP Operations