Connecting Webmaster Tools And Analytics


Google Brings Webmaster Tools Data to Analytics for Everyone

After a taste of integration in June with the release of the Limited Pilot, Google has recently announced that certain Webmaster Tools data will now be available in analytics for everyone. The few that were able to sign up for the limited pilot, were able to access Search Engine Optimization reports derived from Webmaster Tools data, directly through Analytics. The response was so positive that the Google Analytics Team made some improvements and has now announced that these features are available to all users.

Before you can access the reports, you must first link your Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts. Once enabled, you will find a new section under ‘Traffic Sources’ titled Search Engine Optimization, where the reports can be accessed. The reports, titled Queries, Landing Pages and Geographical Summary, show data such as impressions, clicks, and click through rate that was once limited to Webmaster Tools. Offering this data in Analytics allows webmasters to utilize its advanced filter system for further data analysis and review of site performance.

Eager to hop onboard? You will be able to access the reports after linking your Webmaster Tools and Analytics Accounts, with these simple steps.

1. Go to your homepage on your Webmaster Tools Account, click Manage Site next to the site you want to link, then click on Google Analytics Property.
2. Click on the web property you wish to link and save.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, how to enable it or use it to your advantage, we recommend contacting your SEO Agency.

Contributed by Erica Machin, Titan Growth