At Titan Growth we have a patented and proprietary search engine spider called TitanBOT® that is used to give our clients an advantage over their competition. TitanBOT® allows for us to see how search engines might react to our updates, and helps our team determine the types of changes that will result in new first page rankings. It is no accident Titan Growth's clients have achieved so much success. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing a live demo of TitanBOT® crawling your site. You can also view the video below for a demonstration of how TitanBOT® works.

What does having our own search engine spider allow us to do?

TitanBOT® was developed by Titan's search engine engineers to emulate search engine behavior. Its built-in filters include algorithm parameter value estimates, anchor text parameter matching, multiple threading, human emulation testing, cached page tracking and matching, internal link distribution checks, regular expression site searches, and much more. It is updated constantly to keep pace with search engine updates and stay ahead of the competition. The engineers at Titan Growth who designed, developed, and continue to evolve TitanBOT® are the same engineers that helped to pioneer algorithm-based search.

Our aim is not simply to help our clients improve their online presence, but to enable them to dominate their market. Traditional SEO is good, but Themed Search Engine Marketing with Titan Growth is better.

By implementing a technologically advanced strategy, we help our clients reach their goals and dominate their competitors through better search engine placement, more online traffic, better brand awareness, and more qualified customers.

We stay ahead of the curve and develop and implement only the newest and best search engine optimization techniques. We can structure your website's code to increase qualified and relevant traffic. Once we have fully optimized your website, we don't stop there! We also use off-page factors to push you even higher in the search engine rankings. We will target the keywords and keyword phrases that will bring you higher sales and new customers.

These powerful results are driven by the best available evaluation of site analytics and keyword management. As a result, we are able to successfully track and implement changes to benefit our customers and increase their bottom line.

TitanBOT® Nucleus™

TitanBOT® Nucleus™ is a key component of our SEO strategy. Titan Nucleus™ technology helps our team of analysts see big data like never before, and helps get SEO results faster. Titan Nucleus™ allows for the isolation of individual page nodes and the ability to analyze and arrange unstructured data using machine learning. TitanBOT® Nucleus™ also presents our team with a geospatial analysis of on page data that models TitanBOT®'s current search engine emulation technology.