Panda Speculation... is it true?



Lately, there have been some rumors flying around about a Panda update that hit last week. Some sites have seen a fluctuation or even large drop in rankings, although, not enough buzz to indicate a major update. That doesn't necessarily mean there weren't any updates either, or that it wasn't Panda. Google makes roughly 500 updates in one year; their latest post reveals 30 changes that were made just last month. Any number of Google updates can cause changes in rankings for some sites, but webmasters have gotten so used to pinning the blame on Panda.

So... was it Panda? The answer is: at this point, there is no way to tell.  Knowing whether it was in fact Panda or not has no other purpose than curbing your curiosity. What does matter, is making sure your website is up to Google standards, so when updates do hit, your site won't suffer.

If you have any questions about updates and how they can affect your rankings or want to know how to keep your rankings intact in 2012, contact your SEO agency.

Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth

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