Upgraded Facebook Premium Ads

The Facebook team has been working on an enhanced version of their premium ads, meaning more options for advertisers. The ads, which are claimed to produce more engagement, better recall and a significant increase in purchase intent, are expected to roll out this Wednesday.

The new Facebook premium ads offer a system for better engagement and interaction with fans, through advertisements that stem from wall posts. With 6 different layouts, the ads can incorporate text, photos, videos, links, questions and events and fans have the ability to comment on the post directly from the ad.

'Simplicity' is this campaigns motto, as Facebook claims anything you can create on your page, can be just as easily turned into an advertisement. Running just one post per day as a premium ad is expected to reach 3-5 times more fans than with solely organic posts. Just choose one of the 6 formats and customize your target market to create your ad. Once the ad is posted, viewers have the ability to engage with your content straight from the advertisement. Fans can like or comment and are also able to see friends of theirs who have also engaged with the ad.


The point of these new ads is to create something that doesn't have the typical feel of an advertisement and something that your fans feel compelled to interact with. Along with this new and improved ad format comes expectations for great results:

  • 40% increase in engagement

  • 80% more likely to be remembered

  • 16% increase in fan rate

  • significant increases in purchase intent

We're glad to see an advertising system that finally reflects Facebook's culture, which is all about connections and interaction. Along with Facebook, we also expect to see some great results from these new ads and are excited to try them out!

If you have any questions regarding the upgraded premium ads, or about advertising on Facebook in general, feel free to contact your SEO agency.

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Submitted by Erica Machin, Titan Growth

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