Titan Growth 5th “Best Place to Work” in San Diego!

For the 2nd year in a row, Titan Growth has been voted one of SDBJ's 'Best Places to Work' in San Diego!

This year, the Titan Growth team attended the 7th annual "Best Places to Work" awards ceremony in true fashion with a 'rock star' theme, embodying the spirit and fellowship that this very award represents.

The "Best Places to Work" awards recognizes companies throughout San Diego for their outstanding effort to celebrate their workforce. The San Diego Business Journal carefully selects its finalists and winners based on a four-month assessment of each company, by reviewing employee surveys, company benefits and the overall work culture. It's no wonder Titan Growth continues to make the list, with competitive benefit packages, flexible vacation days, team competitions, ping pong rallies, company luncheons and company retreats - just to name a few perks!

By providing an enjoyable work atmosphere, Titan Growth is able to maintain a very high employee retention rate, fostering productive, happy employees that are excited to come to work each day. Just look at these faces!


Best Places to Work


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